24K organic gold facial oil


100% pure 24k gold leaf, citrus limonum (lemon essential); Prunus dulsic(almond oil), cucurbita pepo (pumpkin seed oil); rose oil

Benefits of gold on skin:
* gives a beautiful, glowing, youthful skin, slows down collagen depletion, increase skin's elasticity, lightens skin complexion, stimulates cell making skin firm, improves blood circulation, prevents premature aging, wrinkles, tanning

Rose oil
* hydrates dry skin, clear acne, minimise scars, reduce signs of aging

Lemon oil
* detoxifying agent- nourishes, cleanses and exfoliates skin while clearing up oiliness and acne, rich in vitamin C

Almond oil
* improves complexion, reduce scars

Pumpkin oil
* high in vitamin E, anti- inflammatory

Apply morning and night as a moituriser, 2-3 drops required for full face.

Shake well before use